social impact


Sylvestris Group is a limited company in business development. As such, it has among its objectives its economic sustainability. However, our activities linked to the development and care of forests, rural development and training and employment of disadvantaged people, have a beneficial impact on the Society. It is what is known as new economy or social economy.

Our positive impact has a triple effect (Triple bottom effect): economic, social and environmental. In addition, SYLVESTRIS has implemented its Social impact and commitment Policy to increase that impact.

Social enterprises can evaluate their impact using the denominated Impact indicators, which have to be measurable, concrete, comparable and verifiable, as to demonstrate and quantify the generated impact.

SYLVESTRIS, continuously measures these indicators, as a tool to help us quantify the positive impact of our activities on the Company. These indicators are:

– Total number of hectares restored after being deforested. Generated by the restoration activities of burned areas using our tree planting techniques.

– Total number of contracts made for people at risk of social exclusion. Our work in marginalized rural areas is developed largely for workers at risk of exclusion or difficult labour market.

– Total number of persons who have received training. One of our activities is to train people on Environment, Technology and Occupational Risk Prevention.

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