what we do

technical consulting

We engage in opportunity assessment, criteria analysis, decision making, information acquisition, and above all solutions.
social development

At SYLVESTRIS we promote sustainable social, environmental and economic progress by working with developing countries and satisfying individual needs while using existing materials and available human resources.
direct seeding

Planting seeds is a quick, economic and low impact alternative to more common reforestation techniques; a great choice for restoring areas affected by forest fires or rough terrain.
training and dissemination

What one hasn’t been exposed to, one cannot understand… or might not even be aware of. The importance of communication, training and information dissemination is of paramount importance, especially with regards to the environment.

Biomass is, without a doubt, one of the key sectors emerging in an environmentally conscience society like ours.
environmental projects

The proper execution of a project is never a simple task, and less so when carried out in the mountains.
plant health

Understanding the pests and diseases of garden and forest plants is not merely an economic or esthetic issue, as sick trees can cause major damage to goods or people because they are at much greater risk of breaking or falling.