The direct seedings in Tivissa (T) and Monasterio (GU) are having very promising results

These results have been obtained from inventories carried out after the first spring.

The first one consisted in 23 hectares of works in the Sierra de Tivissa, Tarragona, made during the fall for oaks (Quercus ilex and Q. ilex ballota ilex) and the end of winter for the pine or pi blanc (Pinus halepensis). The inventory resulted in an average of 1,600 seedlings per hectare of mixed pine-oak mass. To this we must subtract any losses that may occur during the summer, and add the existing natural regeneration of other resprouting species, such as juniper (Juniperus oxycedrus) or the fan palm (Chamaerops humilis), so it is considered that they are about great results for a very abrupt and isolated area where restoration has been carried out with a budget of about half of what it would cost a traditional plantation.

Plantula-quercinea-Tivissa  A seedling of holm oak obtained from an acorn sown

The other inventory was made in the reforestation carried out in the area burned last summer in Monasterio, Guadalajara. Preliminary results  are beeing even better in this zone for  the black and maritime Pines (Pinus nigra and P. pinaster) , but this work is not yet completed because during next autumn the second phase will be undertaken introducin holm and Pyrenean oaks (Quercus pyrenaica) .

Two seedlings of Pinus nigra recently appeared      Plantulas-Pinus-nigra

From SYLVESTRIS we are constantly working on our commitment to offer direct seeding as an excellent alternative for the restoration of burned forests, economic and social, thanks to years of research in the field of forest seeds.